All Invisible City lab work is transparent, visible, and accessible to the public. Please come watch or participate in our weekend sessions.

Artists of all genders are welcome! Come to one session or all. Don’t miss the final weekend “unveiling.”

To find out where we will be during labs, visit the “Front page” of this site or stop by the Design Co*op Studio, 174 E. Toole on Fridays and Sundays for specific locations.

Cost (suggested donation): $3 to participate and $5 to watch.

There are several ways to interact with the Invisible City:

1) Witness and watch.

2) Post responses.

An official Invisible City Mailbox will be at our labs every weekend. We invite you to “post” real-time responses to our work and to follow prompts on the cards and offer your own creative responses. You can also drop comment cards in the D-Co*op Studio mailbox, 174 E. Toole Ave., throughout the week.

Alternatively, you can post responses here on our blog.

3) Join in the artmaking

We welcome participation from members of the public!  Dance, writing, photography/film, visual art, and music are genres we will be working with. There are various levels of participation. You might choose to join a full lab experiment (if you do, please arrive at the start of each lab for complete instructions). Or you may follow simple guidelines and instructions on printed material available at the lab site.

You are invited to interact with working artists, but be considerate of their work time/space. Please note that labs are not set up as classes or workshops, rather as working experiments. You are responsible for your own participation and involvement. Please take a moment to read about our process below.


Invisible City artists will be working with tenets borrowed from the “Four-Fold Way.”  We offer them up as basic working “rules” for participation:

1. Show up.
2. Pay attention.
3. Tell the truth.
4. Don’t be attached to the results.

Beyond this, we wish to cultivate an egalitarian approach in which all participants and genres are considered equal contributors to the whole. Project directors have set out the work trajectory of each lab weekend. When working “in the field,” all ideas are valuable.

During each lab weekend, project directors will offer prompts and/or constraints for artists to follow. At times artists will work as a large group in a single site. Other times they will divide into smaller groups and scatter. Sometimes artists will experiment outside of their primary genres. All artists are equal player in the experiments.

Writers: Writers will create texts improvisationally in response to and from within the lab sites as well as in response to prompts and constraints. Writers may inject text into a space either physically (writ-large) or verbally or otherwise. Work can be further developed after any lab.

Dancers: Dancers will work improvisationally in response to the site itself as well as to given prompts, constraints, and scores.  At times, dancers will work to recreate particular scores and/or concepts. Time will be given during labs for “setting” movement, when necessary.

Visual artists: Resident architect Beth Weinstein will offer useful food for thought about urban design and create “architectural” renderings of our work in process. Additional visual artists may offer drawings, paintings, and street-work to lab processes.

Film/photography: Filmmaker Jamie Lee and photographer Krista Niles will filming/photographing The Invisible City. Still and moving images will be displayed as part of our lab results.  Members of the public are invited to shoot film and photographs as well. We will be interested in your perspectives!

Music: Vicki Brown is our primary musician. Since there is only one of her, artists are encouraged to work with found sounds as well!


2 responses to “Participate

  1. Here’s a two-wheeled mobile Invisible City proposal: Both during my last Blue Mountain Artist Colony residence, and over the past year working with friends in my studio, we made four dozen Bird Brain Basket Bicycle Helmets, in sizes ranging from S, M to L. The 4BH’s will fit the heads of children [age 8 and up] and adults. I would be interested to work with you to conduct [for lack of a better expression off the top of my head], a ‘Pimp My Ride’ bike decoration workshop for up to fifty riders. Upon the conclusion, we would ride as a group at different times and in places that will compliment the program. Possibly to connect with Bicas and the UA Tues. evening rides? Please let me know if you feel this would dove tail with other Invisible City activities? Your feedback is anticipated and welcome. I’m open for suggestions. All the best,
    Richard Posner
    131 S. Melrose Ave.
    Tucson, AZ 85745
    520.818.4286 Cell
    520.777.8772 Tel/Fax

  2. Would like to be on your list for future notices. Just found out about what you’re doing and would like to get involved…personally, and perhaps including members of the chorus I direct, Tucson Women’s Chorus.

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