Lab 2

Oct. 24, 2008

Congress Street, 5-7pm (during the zombie walk)

..::: VIDEO CLIP :::..

So, I think that you’ll enjoy watching one of our “TRIADS” move through their exercise on Sunday afternoon. It was quite an interesting experience to witness and then talk about. If you scroll down, look for Lisa B.’s poem about her experience with her TRIAD. Enjoy!





fotos: adela


@ Congress Grill Post Meridiem
It’s Later Than You Think

Nothing torn down downtown ever
All former facades in translucent transience
A row of transitory retail storefronts
On the main drag
Architectural trannies
Born the National-Shirt-Shop-Coast-to-Coast
Reincarnated as Wig-O-Rama

At the corner
A school of Zombies flows into our small tribe

Across the river of cars
Angels drop to the depot pavement colonnade
Hold positions like Elgin’s Marbles
Invisible City surrounds
Purpose-built as the Duveen Gallery

Ann Dernier


..::: VIDEO CLIP :::..

29 october 2008


Here is a multimedia collaboration using Adela’s words, voice, and photos with my video from Friday night. It was fun putting it all together!


..::: VIDEO CLIP :::..

Day 3 – exercise 1


images: krista joy niles

girls girls girls in white

I am a rock in the stream

traffic tic tac toes around me


if X = a rorschach of oil spots

and Y = heavy duty one-way smokers

then X + Y = 100 E Congress St


girls girls girls with marbles

arc yourselves up on top of the city

bus—a rhythm ride of dirty sheet music


high voltage enters stage left—

the door is serpentine,

and reflective, and secret.


girls girls girls and AM-PM towing

where’s the safety switch?

the silence, or on-off?


—Lisa B



Oct 26, Sunday, 2-6pm, Congress St, AZ alley and parking lot S of Dinnerware

(Triad: cartographer, translator, observer)


Map of 135 E Congress

no number no street

congress purple sky

heavy metal and butter

canyon walls.

flecks of smooth

blues, reds, greens

and a hopscotch of brick.

pull central alarm

lease fleece please.


Translation of Katie’s map of 135 Congress St

her leg sketches the circumfrence of a path.

she’s a leap frog window peeper

touching into confetti wall,

then the radius of a rail.

upside down L, dangling.

she stretches glass into dust—

a door leaned into.

trash collected, folded and placed.

135 flag salute

a wind blown and twisted paper shoe


her palm flat on the candy building.

— Lisa B


images: krista joy niles









8 responses to “Lab 2

  1. Jamie!

    Wow! The collaboration with Adela is phenomenally powerful. Beautiful work. I can’t wait to share it!

  2. The narrative is moving and provocative and the photos accompany said narrative meaningfully. I find this to be poignant and informing

  3. Catherine Zavala

    You made me cry and laugh and cry again.
    Nicely done.

  4. Adela, Jamie,

    Tremendous collaboration. I heard from Krista at Voices of this Invisible City Project and was so impressed with the word and dance of your piece–there is the sense of mental and physical space expanding and expanding…

    Great photos too, Krista.

  5. You two are so artistic, so creative, such sense of self. Thank you.

  6. Krista-
    Your new photos are splendid. The extreme close-ups and the detail. Wow! Tell me again what lens you use!


  7. reincarnations and former facades, the main drag, and architectural trannies – so much made visible, remembered, reconsidered, and reimagined, with your word-imagery, ann. moves me to recall yolanda leyva’s work of historical reclaimings in which she suggests that in our efforts to make the previously obscure visible, there is great good in returning… adela

  8. so lovely lisa and krista. the words and images dance in a loving embrace. beautiful collaboration with all of the artists.


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